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What would be the best way to make a 20 min short only spending budget on important crew members?

Agim F. Gerbeshi

Hi 2K, the best way to make short film, is to get a great script with few characters, and few locations that are close so you can move fast and stay on budget. Have a great DP and very important is You to be prepared as much as possible so the entire productions will run smooth. If you think you need more help don't hesitated you can write to me and I will and can help a lot ok. Good luck and all the best! Agim

Doug Nelson

Hey 2k, Making a film – especially a short – on a low/no budget is a Herculean task. First you need a good script with a compelling story that has audience appeal. Since your question is about directing – I can only assume you have a strong script. You’ll need a Producer to oversee the whole project – it could be you. You need a cast, DOP and Editor at a minimum. An audio guy is a solid member (not required if you record directly) and you’ll need a PA or two. At a minimum you got feed ‘em when shooting (I budget $200/day for a 6 man cast/crew). Depending on the complexity of the project, I would set aside at least a 4 day shoot – maybe more if you need to go back for pick-ups. I don’t know your intent, but a 20 minute film is festival fodder.

Jorge J Prieto

2k: Passion!!!

Regina Lee

Best way, imo, is to be sure the short is a clear glimpse into your signature as a filmmaker. To me, that's the most universal reason to make a short (though there are other reasons).

Tyrone Thomas

Thaks guys for all your feed back!

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Killer Script. Egos checked at the door. Everybody wears several hats. Read: Bankroll by Tom Malloy: How to finance your independent film.

Doug Nelson

Hey 2K: The simple answer is; just go do it. I’m not being flippant but I am assuming you’re pretty new to filmmaking (or you wouldn’t be asking the question.) There are yards of books on the topic; ranging from excellent to abysmal with most in between just parroting each other. You can spend your life reading – or doing (It’s your choice.) My advice is read a couple of basic “how to” books, then just go do it. Use your imagination, creativity and inventiveness to compensate for your lack of understanding and gear. It’s a long and steep learning curve that requires dedication and persistence more than anything else. Learn from your mistakes. No one has to see your first attempt but you. If you don’t like what you see – make it again. (My first short took me four tries, but because you’ll never see the first three – I’ll never admit it.)

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