Filmmaking / Directing : Does the look/size matters? by Edgardo Castañeda

Edgardo Castañeda

Does the look/size matters?

A new camera is launched almost everyday. Small cameras has so many features (face detection, autofocus, zebra, 4k, etc) that you would consider buying one of these less-than-3k-dollars-dslr camera in order to upgrade your 6 to 10K camera. But, what could your corporate client would think about this small still camera that you are using now for shooting video?

Parameswaran Nair

Perfectly put! Your corporate client expects you to come to shoot as if you are Spielberg -- with a truck load of camera equipment, about 10 people to light up, a few make-up men, cameraman with assistants around him, et al. Do you know how many times I have gone to interview corporate clients alone, set up the lights and the camera and asked all the relevant questions? They can't even hide their disappointment. They think you are some kind of fraud. So now my usual refrain when I see disappointment on my corporate clients' face is, "oh, I am alone today because my cameramen have left for Bangalore for a conference" or "my cameraman has gone to get married, so today I will manage everything!" I am not sure if that makes it better though.

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

I interact with filmmakers here every day and I think it's more common that one-man bands are evolving in shooting. Check out the blog we just did for a documentary that spanned Europe: And, even look at CITIZEN FOUR that just won best doc, which had (I think) only 2 people - Laura and the sound person.

Edgardo Castañeda

You are right Anil... The other day I told my wife, wich is my partner too, "Look a the new camera we are gonna buy" And i showed her the Sony A7S, an she told me: " And do you thnik that we are going to show up in front of the corporate client with that small still picture camera for an interview? I think she is right!

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