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Leon Reaper

Music in Movies

Is it quite expensive to put songs into your movies if the songs are well-known?

Vidas Pliodzinskas

Generally I try to avoid this problem, by finding creative commons music, or music composed by local musicians. And yes it can get expensive.

Leon Reaper

You know the song ''does your mother know'' by ABBA but I am going to use it for a dark scene. like what tarantino did for reservoir dogs with ''Stuck in the Middle With You"

Leon Reaper

I mean they wont work around my budget? is it fixed-priced?

Dillon Mcpheresome

good luck Leon, but if you want to write something with a similar message we can talk.

Alex Forsey

Depends on who sees it and if its making money. If its for festivals you need a special sync license. Moby has free music online for independent film makers. Just atmospheric stuff but of a higher caliber than most library music. If the film does well you'll probably be able to pay anyway. DOn't worry about it till it becomes a problem. I doubt anyone will sue you for thousands unless its a block buster

Doris Chu

Leon: Abbas is copyrighted and they will probably charge $10k. Ask them. Cheaper to record original music. Find local composer to work with. Professional songwriters usually charge big bucks. Contact True Talent Management for rates. Google their name. That's my daughter.

Senate Ewah Blakspirit

i do acoustics… like Doris has suggested. score your original song

Christopher Weatherwax

Leon: I'm a composer/musician and you can use one of my songs for free if you want, all you have to do is download it from my sites and credit me. Usually the record companies won't come after you if you use the song for something like a student film that's not going to make a profit. If you're just going to show it to a few people in a class or something as long as you credit the creators of it, the record labels probably don't really care. It's called "Free use" copyright law. If you are however selling the band's work in your film and make a profit, then their lawyers will come after you eventually and get that profit back with a lawsuit. Good luck :)

Doris Chu

I've been a music producer for 50 years. I haven't heard of free use. A small film ci. contacted us for use of one of our songs and they paid a small fee of $100. We licensed to a compilation album from a well-known New York City company (Metropolitan Opera ) and they sent us royalty checks. we signed agreements for all of these. If you're a student film maker the companies will sign an agreement for you as a student film. However if the student film is shown in theaters and is making money then it bumps up to the next level or you do have to pay something. It's all in their contracts. Better get the business end of it done now rather than when you're rich and famous that come after you for $50,000. Aloha Doris

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