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Amanda Toney - Stage 32 Next Level Education

Overated or not?

I agree and disagree with this list. What are your thoughts? I completely agree with the overratedness of Straight Outta Compton and totally disagree with Ex Machina being overrated. That film was one of my favorites of 2015!

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Considering there is some buzz about Mad Max going up for best picture, I'll have to agree that it was underrated. I also want to add LOVE AND MERCY to the underrated category that's not on this list. Awesome share, Joe.

Douglas Eugene Mayfield

I'm going to try She's Lost Control which sounds intriguing. In my view, avoid Black Hat like the plague. 'Overrated' doesn't begin to describe how badly the writing and plotting sucked start to finish.

Amanda Toney - Stage 32 Next Level Education

I never got a chance to see the disastrous 'blackhat' but there are plenty of other films that i will be seeing before coming close to that one. I think my biggest let down of the season was jurassic world. you wanna talk about horrible writing and plotting... look no further.

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Douglas - I've heard that about Black Hat! I finally saw MAD MAX and I can understand why it's getting buzz. Many deep layers for what, on the surface, comes across as an action movie.

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