Filmmaking / Directing : Where can I purchase militarized police gear by Christian Smooth

Christian Smooth

Where can I purchase militarized police gear

Hello, I'm working on a indie film called Ration day, and my project calls for militarized police gear. I'm having a difficult time finding this wardrobe for the project. Does any way have any leads? This is the concept trailer for Ration Day

JD Hartman

Probably be cheaper for your wardrobe person to modify surplus military clothing or Police "styled" clothing using re purposed ordinary items than to buy it. You would need multiples of each piece for each actor anyway.

Christian Smooth

Do you know where I could purchase Police "styled" clothing?

Peter Fleming

If you don't want to rent, go to any military surplus store. Also you can find clothing items at thrift stores and the goodwill. It really isn't that hard to find.

Stuart Marchetti

Also check out local airsoft stores and reputable online retailers, they should carry a wide range of police/milsim gear and clothing. A lot cheaper than the real deal when you get into body armor, etc.

JD Hartman

Cop shirts aren't much different than any "uniform" type blue collar shirts, just a better quality material. Be willing to bet there is a uniform supply (cop, fireman, postal,, forestry, etc.) right in you town or a nearby one. The stuff you wardrobe person adds to them will make them unique looking, rugged and militarized.

Christian Smooth

Thank you for all of the suggestions

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