Distribution : What screening is considered a world premiere? by Polina Urvantseva

Polina Urvantseva

What screening is considered a world premiere?

I have been originally thinking to follow classical festival strategy for our short film and start with submitting to the major festivals for the World Premiere. However, we've just got interest from Amnesty International to show the film at a series of their exhibitions throughout the UK (which I assume can be called a non-theatrical distribution?). My question is if such a screening could be considered a world premiere.

Regards, Polina

Philip Sedgwick

Hey Polina, With shorts usually there is no requirement for a film to be a premiere, though often it is desired. Given the presentation of your film with Amnesty, you'd probably have to go on a case by case basis as to what they would consider to be premiere. I'd say enter all the fests you want, deal with this if the film gets selected.

Polina Urvantseva

Kay Luke, what is a difference between debut and premiere?

Edith Crescenciana

It varies per festival. Most festivals will state clearly if they want a premiere (or if your film is a premiere) If it’s the first time screening in a country, then it’s a premiere. If it’s different states, first time in each, it’s a premiere. If it’s the first time playing in that continent, then it’s considered a premiere as well. A debut is different. It’s usually when it screens the first time ever (at least from what I know, I may be incorrect) In most cases, just go by judgement. Read the rules and regulations of each film festival and go from there.

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