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Editing softwares

What according to all you professional & passionate editors is the best editing software you have used till date...Tell me why you love it and its eccentric features for which it has occupied a special position in your profession....

Jeff Alex Bell

Avid all the way. I mean it's the only industry standard. In the past 7 years I've been cutting professionally, only one Final Cut job has ever presented it self, and yes, at a studio. Avid is a robust application that just works. It's great with long formats, media management, and it's MXF media creation system is brilliant. I can go on and on about interface, codecs, fx and all it's features but it just speaks for it self.

Omar Brown

Hello Datta All NLE's perform the same functions, it cuts the film. Some NLE may have more functionality than others. I have used every editor on the market, and they all are good. There are some good and bad things to all of them. I use and own 3 editors because I have a variety of clients that prefers to work with certain app because that is what they learned on an not because its better. Also they compliments my workflow. I own FCPx, Avid Media Composer, and Editshare Lightworks. To me Lightworks is the fastest cutter and has the best workflow for me because I am not limited to the interface layouts. FCPx is good for all around productions. Avid is good corporate and film work. These examples are limiting the apps. These is what I use them for. Grassvalley Edius, Sony Vegas Pro, Magix Movie Edit Pro, Adobe Premiere, Hitfilm ultimate, and Autodesk Smoke has their supporters because the apps compliments and enhances their workflow. So the key factor here is to ask yourself a question, what is my workflow and based on how the NLE interface works for you. Don't get caught up in the hype of the NLE's. It is the user of the app that edits great films or videos, not the app. Now if you are starting out as a complete newbie, and you have a PC only, then Sony Vegas Pro is the NLE to learn on and grow with. With Sony Vegas, you don't have to over think the process; Just Drag and Drop. Amongst all the NLE's, it has the best audio features hands down. That is because it was an audio app before the video editing was integrated. The VST audio plugins free or commercial alone makes Vegas worth a look. I have seen a lot of good films edited on that NLE. Besides, in the end you can't tell who edit what on what when it is finished. Just my 2 cents

Walter M.

True Grit wt Bridges was totally cut together with Final Cut i think......js : )

Omar Brown

Walter Murch edits on Final Cut Pro. He's done ton of films.

Jon Miles

My fingers have long since forgotten whether I'm on Avid, FCP7, Premiere or Lightworks.

Jonathan Lacocque

If you're learning to edit, I'd say get your hands on the most accessible/affordable software to you and just start editing. A good editor has talent first, the technical elements can be taught quickly. That said, I'd try and make Avid, Final Cut or Premiere work for you as most clients I come into contact use one of these, although many people don't care what you use as long as you are delivering a high quality final product.. Sony Vegas may be a close fourth but has seemed to be more for TV and not often used, in my experience. And Omar made a good point about audio in Vegas, I actually know several audio engineers that do a bit of cutting on the side using Vegas - perhaps that's why. Also, I'm not sure Walter Murch edits on Final Cut anymore, but I could be wrong. I remember hearing him say he wasn't going to use it anymore at a supermeet.

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