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Post-Production : Fixing Duplicate Frames in Davinci? by David Rountree

David Rountree

Fixing Duplicate Frames in Davinci?

We are trying to lose some duplicate frames which got into our edit. I've cut off the one duplicate frame in final cut and slowed the overall speed of the clip by one frame to keep my timing the same. From there, I've sent it into Davinci to use Optical Flow but now, it's duplicating the very first frame and a few others along the way to make the speed change work. From what I've read, Optical Flow isn't supposed to duplicate frames. This is a major issue right now as our film can not pass QC until this is fixed and we need to deliver right away. Please help!

David Rountree

The AVI files were converted to Apple Pro Res (since our movie was all in pro-res. This is where the duplicate frames appeared. It was never noticed. Now we are in time crunch to fix this. The duplicate frames have been removed and retimed to match the original length (a slight speed change to cover the 1 frame). Davinci, with Optical Flow, seems to just create other duplicate frames. I understand that we need to resolve the cause in the future but that won't help us at this point as there are over 300 effect shots in the movie with no time to re-import/re-color the raw files. We just need to fix the existing image. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Derek Nickell

I would try a cleaner import from the AVIs. Use a DNxHD codec at 444 to keep the interpolation the same and so there will be no color loss, or try in 8/10bit and see if the higher bitrate and color depth helps.

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