Post-Production : Workflow? by James O'Hagan

James O'Hagan


Anybody have any ideas on streamlining work flows on FCPX? I get projects to do, but then everything gets all jumbled up and I get frustrated. Any tips?

Simon Morice

I suggest that you take a look at Larry Jordan's training material. Ripple Training are good too. X is an example of a technology that overcomes several limitations and delivers significant increases in speed amongst other benefits. But you have to change the way you approach the work. Philip Hodgetts wrote the definitive book on FCP's metadata capabilities, a useful read if you want to get the most out of X.

Philip Roy

Difficult to respond to this as " all jumbled up" can describe a problem or simply be the natural state of affairs. The one tip I would recommend would be to watch the previously mentioned training tips. and focus on setting up KEYWORDS for your clips. That will sort the clips into sensible storyline components and take some of the "jumble" out of your project.

Hugh Michael Brownstone

I'll second Simon's Larry Jordan suggestion.

Mark Nickells

For myself, I try to limit steps in the process. I.E, out put a clip that your animation program "ACCEPTS RAW." , modify and edit within that program . (VUE Infinite), post as frames to primary particle program, for FX> 2ND. composite program, < blue-screen and additional FX> , and output to Studio or Cybermedia for compiling and assembly > Output 1920X1080. H2.64 and DTS 5-7.1 output. Fast and works well. Framing in VUE for animations is a different story, and requires some patience. (For those of us) familiar with VUE.

Simon Morice

Where have you got to James? Have you found the source of and solution to your difficulties?

James O'Hagan

Not even to that stage yet, just want to mentally prep myself.

Omar Brown

I think your frustration come from lack of organization. Keep in mind that FCPX is not just an editor anymore. It is a database that does editing. Keyword Metadata will save you a lot of time. Before importing your assets, create naming conventions for of your events, folders and keywords. I usually separate all data being imported in to FCPx in special created folders such as: Sound Bytes, Footage: date, time, place, image gallery, textures and etc.

Simon Morice

I have just bought a subscription to Lumberjack - Philip Hodgetts logging utility. It looks really useful and extends 10's functionality very well.

James O'Hagan

Lumberjack? Sounds promising.

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