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Dan Tonkin

Interactive Film Suitability

Does the festival circuit make room for a brand new breed of interactive film where the VIEWER gets to decide the course of the narrative? www.survivorfilm.com

Allison Harting

That's cool, like Choose Your Own Adventure Books!

Dan Tonkin

Cheers Allison, you give it a go - what choices did you go for? :)

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

What a cool idea!

Bryce Gardner

I think the time is more feasible for this type of film now. This idea has been around for around 20 years or so using tapes and then dvd. It is easier now than ever to accomplish this technology-wise. Having said that, unless you picked one main story line to piece together, it may be hard to show.

Dan Tonkin

Absolutely - Its not even a new idea & certainly made books more appealing to me when I was a kid then they got forgotten about. Strange thing, I only just found out recently that R.A Montgomery only just died about 2 weeks or so before we shot that project. Fox Films just bought the options to it apparently & am trying to worm my way in if I can find a way to find out if there's something I can get involved with. There's only so many places 'I' can try though.

Bryce Gardner

It's a specialty niche for sure. You may have additional luck if you try marketing it as a "game." Never hurts to have a 2nd market. And the game world is billions per year, not to mention many gamers are used to forking over $50 for a game dvd. Provided you sell yours for less, they won't even bat an eye.

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