Financing / Crowdfunding : Do crowdfunding campaigns need 'rewards'? by G.R. Barnett

G.R. Barnett

Do crowdfunding campaigns need 'rewards'?

I was thinking of doing a crowdfunding campaign for my animated film but the thing holding me back is perks. what kind of perks do you even offer in that case? I really have nothing to offer. I wouldn't know what to offer at all. I mean does it need perks or can you operate a perk free campaign? Also don't perks cut into your profit margin? Just wondering.

G.R. Barnett

I'm bumping this because I really need to know.

Amanda Toney

Hi G.R. I recommend watching the June edition of On Stage with RB because there is discussion exactly on that topic. You'll want to focus on Steve Desmond's interview:

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