13th on stage with rb - june 2015 | Stage 32 Staff - Julie

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Stage 32 Staff - Julie

13th On Stage with RB - June 2015

On Stage Guest Bios and Q&A

In this jam-packed over 3-hour On Stage With RB broadcast, RB had on 2 special guests!

Timothy Andrew Edwards is one of the most diverse and accomplished Composers and Music Supervisors working in entertainment today. He has over 75 credits in Feature Film and Network Television, including two Emmy award-winning shows.

Voting Member of the Recording Academy (Grammys).

Expert contributor to the #1 selling book "Guerrilla Film Scoring"- endorsed by Yale, Columbia, Berklee College of Music, Cal Arts, Julliard, and many other top universities and music schools.

Timothy and RB talked about what changes Timothy is seeing in the industry / new trends he’s encountering.They talk about what the composer-filmmaker relationship is like and how can you make it a good one. Timothy talked about how he got his start in the business and shared advice for filmmakers when it comes to the music in their films.

Steve Desmond is a Professional Screenwriter and Filmmakerwho has written or developed projects with Imagine Entertainment, Level 1 Entertainment, The Walt Becker Company, DreamWorks Animation, and The Disney Channel.Herecently raised $30k on Kickstarter for a short film he directed from an initial raise of $16k.

RB and Steve talked about what changes he is seeing in the industry / new trends he is encountering. They talked about the screenwriter- filmmaker relationship like and how to maximize it. And Steve shared some excelled advice on crowdfunding based on his own experience.

After that RB opened up for almost 2 hours of Q&A including:

  • How can I use Stage 32 like I would use twitter or Linkedin? What can I do on a daily basis to organically engage with my network?
  • When is the APP going to be updated to Stage 32 3.0?
  • My approach to networking isn’t working – should I improve my approach or just start over?
  • I’ve sent my script unsolicited to 100 people in the industry, but haven’t gotten any feedback. What should I do?
  • Do you think it’s possible for a non-English native speaker to write screenplays in English and be successful?
  • I’m a cable television director in Canada wanting to move into features. I have been offered a co-directing job on a US/Canadaco-production. I’ve never co-directed before – have you had any experience with that on any of your projects?
  • My feature was just screened at Cannes and I came back with a million sales agent business cards – so many it made my head spin. How do I weed through all these for what’s best for my film?
  • I’m half through my first feature (small budget 15,000) and my secondary lead is not translating well on film. Do I cut her? Do I change the script? Open to anyone’s advice.
  • SF Bay actor – is it imperative when you network as an actor that you have headshots and a resume?
  • How important is having an acting agent when starting out?
  • I’ve been acting for 12 years my acting day rate has risen considerably and I noticed I’m making it to the final call back but not booking the role. Should I be reducing my day rate?
  • How can new actors deal with the frustration of roles not being the role that best gives them the opportunity to showcase the their full range in acting? (Roles that don’t challenge the actor)
  • Have you ever thought of directing a film from within the Stage 32 screenwriter’s pool?
  • What do you feel as a director with a few scripts is the first step toward getting noticed and getting funded?
  • I’m not great at advertising myself. Most of what I have done is non-paying because of the lack of paying opportunities in this area. How do I get the attention of the right people?
  • My last producing job was in 2012, should I still do a reel?
  • I’ve heard that if you’re too professional in your crowdfunding video, people will assume you don’t need money. Too poor, they feel you haven’t earned the money. What’s the fine line?
  • When writing a screenplay, do you write down the action beats first? Or the dialogue? Also, do you use the whole corkboard /index card method before starting your first draft?
  • Is it possible to land an agent/manager in the US if I’m in the UK?
  • Should we be picky or does it matter who reps a screenwriter?
  • Are you ever worried about plagiarism when you have to put the concept of your project out there for crowdfunding?
  • Are we going to be able to get your book through Stage 32?
  • How can I send a message to my whole Meetup group at the same time?
  • Do you agree that the term ‘contribution’ evokes a better engagement than the term ‘donation’?
  • Is it better to post ALL of your work to the video/audio section of your profile, or just the works you are most proud of?
  • I’ve had a couple of opportunities slip away from me due to the fact that I have no IMDB page. While I’ve had 4-5 scripts options, done books, I don’t really have anything IMDB worthy. Is there a way around this or am I screwed?

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