Financing / Crowdfunding : Need to sell my scripts... by William Furst

William Furst

Need to sell my scripts...

Hello everyone!

I have a unique, yet to produce (english) shoot script that am willing to produce in to a movie or sell out to producers, Production companies or individuals and

I also have a spec script of an episode 15min TV shows that I want to sell out.

I hope to work with anyone that's willing to make this project a reality.

I'm currently working on a (cocaine) drugs deals movie thats going to be shoot in New Mexico, Colombia, Chicago and Los Angeles,

My main problem is I don't have much connection to connect with the rightful Production companies, individuals or producers to make things workout...

I'll be looking up to your reply if we can actually form an alliance make something bigger that could lead to major financial breakthrough...

I need your advice my fellow creative thinkers.

Best Regards

William Furst

Jane Sanger

Hi good luck to you. There are a billion people wanting that and thinking they have the best script ever. Maybe you have but a good way to get people interested is to make shorts or indeed features that win festival Prizes. At the festival you meet people or you write to producers- names off IMDb -hey I’m William my x film won y . I have a great script about z (short synopsis) want to read it? 0r you pitch on here.

Edith Crescenciana

As stated above, the first thing a producer will ask for is a reel of your work. Do you have any shorts? Have they been to any film festivals? (Producers keep up with the festival circuit and depending on the genre they will recognise a film) Film festivals are definitely a great way to connect with other filmmakers not only in the US but also international. Networking is a bit better and you’ll have many resources at hand. Do you have a pitch package as well? This should include a short description of your idea, log line, tag line, poster etc.

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