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Nathaniel Brehmer

Raising Funds for New Script

I've got a completed script for a single location, micro-budget horror feature, that could easily be made for pennies but these days even pennies are hard to come by. Any ideas on investors I should reach out to that would be a good place to start? Or maybe some helpful methods I might not have considered? Anything helps!

Tony Cella

Consider product placement. Find a few local businesses to donate props or invest in return for their logo or goods appearing in the film.

Erik Grossman

Indiegogo, kickstarter, etc. We had a great class on the subject here:

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

"BANKROLL"- How to finance your Independent Film" By Tom Malloy

Melissa Tracht

Bankroll is great. Have you considered finding the investors/producers involved in similar projects (genre, budget, etc). Check producers credits.

D Marcus

It's been six months since you posted this, Nathaniel. What's the status of this project?

Claudia Marinelli

Try IndieGoGo, and launch a campaign

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