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Joseph McNichols

Seeking Thoughts and Opinions

I'm a freshman in college. I am an aspiring editor and filmmaker. I have so many hopes and dreams to fulfill. I am curious. Does anyone know a good camera to start establishing yourself. I am doing commercial work, films, and documentary work. I am loving the C100, but I can't afford it. I am looking to start a funding page. If anyone is interested in assisting... that would be great. Just would like to gain your insights and thoughts.

Ian Anderson

Hey! I can relate a lot to what your saying as being a freshman and freelance editor myself. As for funding my buddy did a gofundme page had a really good pitch and video (he has over 1k fb friends as well) guess how much money he got? 10$ yea basically only get cameras you can afford for now. Speaking of which if your looking to be an editor/ filmmaker don't focus on the camera. It's the most common mistake filmmakers can make. I've shot music videos and commercials on my canon m300 and anytime I need a better camera or want to test one out I just rent it. Those are my two cents. I know the struggle just keep grinding bro :)

Juan Abad

Hey Joseph, As much as I like the C100 (Mk II), It is expensive. And you're going to need a good lens or 2 for it. Which increases the price. My suggestion would be to start off smaller. Perhaps a Panasonic GH4 or a used Canon T6i. That way you'll have more to spend on lenses, lighting, audio and more.

Douglas Eugene Mayfield

No thoughts directly on your question. [ What I don't know about cameras would fill a book. :) ] But I do suggest that you post your question in the cinematography section of Stage 32. And also if you haven't done it (I'm not sure which ones might help), try looking for advice on cinematography web sites. Good luck.

Robert Franklin

You will get great advice here!

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