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Financing / Crowdfunding : The Best Way To Raise Money for Your Film by Shannon Tharp

Shannon Tharp

The Best Way To Raise Money for Your Film

You have the ability to control a few things in Film... Image Quality, skilled talent, lighting, editing, sound etc. I made a music video using a DSLR years ago that cost nothing to produce. The Music video was suppose to be a 20 min film with scenes from the movie as the video. Due to the schedule of the artist we had to do just a video. We had a hospital scene with a doctor, police/security, church, graveyard etc.

The music video came out great and felt like a film. The artist received tons of praise for the song and video on youtube. When I showed the video to a few people outside of my circle before releasing it they were shocked and asked how much it cost to produce. Zero. Now imagine if we were able to make it a short film as intended and streamed for a low cost to friends, family, and people outside our circle by asking those in the circle to stretch.

Focus on what you can control and master that. Actors Train watch youtube videos from top actors training. Do a master class, editors practice, producers hustle for quality free locations. They are out there. I did it and it was a success though I missed my mark.

Happy Hustle People

Freyja Seren

It's so awesome to hear about people making things happen! Congratulations! I've been thinking about this very thing recently! (Just wrote a post about it on my wall, actually). I've been so bogged down in what I can't do that I lost focus of what I can do. Metaphorically, it's like being stuck staring at a 20 foot tall brick wall that's impossible to climb over without realising it's only three foot wide.

You're an inspiration! Thanks for posting this (:

Brian Shell

Ransom notes (a joke from Get Shorty - in which I was seen in 4 scenes)

Shannon Tharp

Glad I was able to inspire you Freya Seren. I’ve looked at many short falls only to realize that I needed to stand up and walk over it. If you need some advice on an a project inbox me. Keep grinding until the ship is built then start sailing on the sea.

Freyja Seren

Cheers Shannon. I really appreciate it (:

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