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Julian London

LA travels

Hey Guys so I am travelling to LA mid/end summer and would like to know where is best to visit for networking and meeting Agents, casting directors and people of the industry. All input welcome!

Shaun O'Banion

LA is a hugely spread-out city and there isn't really one particular place to meet and connect with the people you mentioned. Like anywhere, people do their own thing and have their own favorite places. If you want to meet agents, you might find a coffee shop or lunch place in Beverly Hills near WME and do a bit of eavesdropping, or in Century City near CAA... then strike up a conversation. You could read the trades; Hollywood Reporter regularly had a section revealing "Who Ate Where," but they'll all be serious industry players and not likely open to speaking with you. What you really SHOULD do is utilize Stage32 and set your own meet-up for whenever you'll be in town. Or simply reach out to any industry people you know and tell them to come out for a drink and bring like-minded friends. Good luck!

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