Anything Goes : Personal Filmmaking: There is “No Alternative” by Edwin Adrian Nieves

Personal Filmmaking: There is “No Alternative”

A must-read article if you need one as a filmmaker, William Dickerson really hits a home run on this one. Very inspiring and encouraging. Here's an excerpt: "Harvey Weinstein recently said in The Hollywood Reporter, 'The studios don’t care about making smart adult films for the public, but rather only care to make them as magnets for awards, something to distract from what’s really going on: the rape and pillaging of originality in order to appeal to the largest demo possible and make as much coin as they possibly can.' This is what the studios don’t seem to understand: personal films last, impersonal films don’t. In other words, personal films are good for the bottom line. The problem is that it’s difficult for Hollywood to see past opening weekend these days — the industry has embraced an approach that systematically dilutes a story’s originality in hopes of that story appealing to as many paying customers as possible."

Personal Filmmaking: There is "No Alternative" | Filmmaker Magazine
Personal Filmmaking: There is "No Alternative" | Filmmaker Magazine
It isn't hyperbole to say that personal filmmaking in Hollywood is on the verge of extinction. It's nearly impossible to hook Hollywood into funding a project that isn't a thriller, or a horror movie…
Marli Monroe

I hadn't heard of No Alternative or The Fifth Wall movement, but I will now be learning more about both. I agree wholeheartedly with this article. Thanks, Edwin!

Edwin Adrian Nieves

Glad you enjoyed the article, Marli!

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