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Rhonda Gibson Phifer

Content Creator /Writer/Producer

I am looking for an agent to shop my scripts and original content. Please help me by critiquing my work which i will post once a month.

I have posted a copy of a pilot script for a sitcom I wrote and below is the reel of an interactive talk show i currently produce for the pubic access station in Philadelphia, Pa.

if you want to check out episodes please click on my You Tube Channel.

I look forward to your input.

Thank You

Mark Mccoy

Do you have any thing else?

Rhonda Gibson Phifer

Yes. I have a few treatments and scripts, mostly for television and theater. I do have one screenplay buy my focus is tv.

Rhonda Gibson Phifer

LIKeIT IS is limited by the studio's lack or technology and updated equipment. The interactive part of the show and the live stream which would make the conversation available to more people cannot be utilized.

Mark Mccoy

Have you try summit to amazon studios. Right now there is a big push for indie writers. What part of Philly you from? South or North?

Shawn Speake

What is the premise of this show?

Rhonda Gibson Phifer


LIKeIT IS is a live streamed, interactive, television talk show offering a voice to those feeling disenfranchised and

unheard. The panel show provides a platform for the viewer to share their

concerns, ask questions and discuss possible solutions with guest experts.

Aray Brown

Maybe you should take advantage of the pitching sessions or coverage services. I don't recommend submitting to Amazon Studios. There's only been spec that came out of it, THE WALL. It's like a one and a billion chance IMO. Best of luck to you!

Shawn Speake

...Maybe I can help you with your scripts. Did you get any coverage?

William Clark

Hello Miss Phifer, I'm new to the site my full bio is not even up yet but if writing original material my suggestion is to build a team around one of your projects and shoot it yourself I know a few actresses,and actors in Philly thats what they did I'm in MD and would like to connect if you decide to go that route take care and keep grinding

Marjolein Smit

Hello Rhonda, You could post your script on to get feedback and catch a possible eye of an executive. You can also pitch it through Stage 32.:)! Greetings Marjolein

Rhonda Gibson Phifer

Thank you for the input.

Rhonda Gibson Phifer

I actually shoot on of the shows at Philly Cam.

It airs in Philadelphia County Comcast 66/966 and Verizon 29/30 Saturdays at 5pm. Below is the one sheet info.

Very few people are communicating outside of their comfort zone. As a

nation we think we know one another, but truly we haven’t a clue. When

individuals attempt to learn or express their opinions about others they are

accused, dismissed and even ostracized, if their opinion differs from the


LIKeIT IS, a locally nominated, interactive, community television talk show,

acts as a surrogate, offering a voice to those feeling disenfranchised and

unheard. The panel show provides a platform for the viewer to share their

concerns, ask questions and discuss possible solutions with guest experts.

The format of the talk show bridges the gap between television and the

internet by shooting and streaming live WEEKLY with a studio audience. One

of the benefits of shooting weekly instead of daily like the average talk show

is a CONTINUED DIALOGUE after the cameras stop rolling. The point of

LIKeIT IS is to help people so after the show ends the website will follow up

with a blog, social services and other information designed to keep the

audience interactive and topically informed.

Episodes have included topics on spanking, mental illness, police brutality,

parenting, education, domestic violence, prison reform, religion, LBGT,

environment, government and the kitchen sink. If our viewers bring it up we

talk about it.

Panelists have included experts from: NORML (National Organization for

Reformation of Marijuana Laws), Support Center for Child Advocates, Dare To

Hope, 21st Century Community Learning Center, best selling author, Dr.

Myrna Shure, Pastor Keith Collins, Civil Rights Leader, Michael Coard, Esq.

and Dr. Steven R. Cohen of PA State Board Of Psychology, to names a few.

At the present time, LIKeIT IS can be watched on cable television every

Saturday at 5 o’clock p.m. in Philadelphia County, Pa. and video of past

episodes can be viewed on the internet.

The creator of LIKeIT IS, R.E. Gibson-Phifer, has been producing and

developing live programming for 25 years. She has work for recording

labels, artists, film, theater, and television. As a tv news producer she was

instrumental in creating formats, improving programing and increasing

ratings. Now she uses her talents to write and develop entertainment that is

both, informative and impactful.

For more information on LIKeIT IS or its creator please contact. Tel:

(215)-888-9089 Email:

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