Introduce Yourself : Eight years after first joining STAGE 32, it seems the inner critic still has a hold by David Barrett

David Barrett

Eight years after first joining STAGE 32, it seems the inner critic still has a hold

Anyone else stuck with that voice telling you you either can't or you don't deserve? Well, join the club. I've gone from a decade ago being easily able to get my thoughts down on paper and pump out scripts on a regular basis, for my eyes only. But now that circumstances allow me to proceed with my greatest story (the one friends and colleagues have encouraged me to start for years), I've been struggling to get started.

That changed somewhat last month when instead of just setting forth on a script, the way I've gone about the process before, this time I'm writing an outline. A quite extensive one. But again, a few pages in, that bloody inner critic is telling me I'm dreaming if I think I'm going to make any headway.

But sod it. 2021 is going to be the year of self belief and advancement for this nugget in my head so here's to all the dreamers. Have a happy holidays, Christmas or whatever it is you'll be up to in these last few days of 2020, the worst blinkin' year on record I suspect for many. Let's make next year one to remember.

Steffany Lohn Sommers

David, you got this! :)

Brian Carlin

David, congrats on your opportunity. I think it's only normal to feel this way given your current circumstances. But like Steffany said above, you've got this, so hang in there. You've made it this far, keep going and I'm sure it'll get going again.

Tiffany Rashawn

I say that's the mind of a true artist!!! Go, David!!

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