Introduce Yourself : Hi (Again) by Callum McKay

Callum McKay

Hi (Again)

Hi all, I've been on Stage 32 for a few months now, but it seemed like a good time just to say hi again. I'm Callum, a screenwriter from Buckinghamshire, UK. I specialise in historical dramas and true stories (my current scripts tell the stories of MI6 and the murder of Rasputin, the world's first war correspondent and the women of Formula One).

For the last couple of years I've been working to forge a career in screenwriting, so in the grand scheme of things I'm only just starting out. At the moment my priorities are landing an agent and attracting the attention of producers and other industry folk with my feature screenplays, details of which are on my profile and on my website -

Since joining Stage 32 I feel like doors have opened for me, and I hope that trend continues. So with that in mind, if you want to chat sometime, drop me a line. Thanks.

Scriptwriting | Callum McKay Screenwriter
Scriptwriting | Callum McKay Screenwriter
I am an award winning screenwriter specialising in historical drama. If it's happened I can get a story out of it. If it's something completely original, not to worry, I can do that too. Learn more ab…
James Drago

Hi there. Sent you an invite!

Edward Leech

The women of formula one... a new angle on the world class race drivers... and MI6... a modern tale or WWII or cold war? To spy or not to spy? Good luck on your journey.

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