Introduce Yourself : Introduction by Onwukwe Abraham Ogonna

Onwukwe Abraham Ogonna


Hi everyone! I’m a scriptwriter who specialized in writing unique scripts that involves creative mind thinking and analyzing. By special grace of God I’ve written a cartoon and fantasy script titled Carrot Survivor n Emily(El-Gibbor). I love the world of imagination. I started writing because I’m pregnant of so many unique ideas that must be deliver for the world to see.

Thomas Kirtley

Hi there Onwukwe, I would love to check out your cartoon, or even the fantasy script. Fantasy is one of my favorite genres. :) Nice you meet you!

Onwukwe Abraham Ogonna

Just let me know when you’re ready to check it out. Thank u

Aray Brown

Welcome to the community, Onwukwe! Pleasure to meet you ;) My name is Aray, I'm a screenwriter/content creator. Congrats on your achievements thus far! I'm all about movies/shows that make me think because i tend to get bored very easily. Feel free to reach out to Jason Mirch, Director of S32 Script Services at he would love to know you're working on and how he can help move your career forward. Jason will also give you a free month in The Writer's Room, which will give you full acess to executives, agents and producers

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