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Katherine Hill

Katherine Hill

Hello! I am a director, writer and actor from the U.K but moved to Vancouver, Canada 10years ago. I've been creating short films for a few years and am interested in stories that show the human condition and tell them in an honest and artistic way. This year, I am working towards creating my first feature screenplay and have the great opportunity of studying my Masters in Film this year to progress towards that. I love collaborating and connecting with other like-minded artists from around the world and believe we can learn so much from one another. My last short film I wrote and directed and co-produced was for a speed competition in L.A and on sexual exploitation (human trafficking). It won best supporting actress. Take a look at the trailer: I will be creating new works this year and look forward to connecting with many of you further.

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Katherine - that was extremely powerful...really well done. Even thought the subject matter is really difficult to handle, that little girl is so adorable and innocent among all of it. Well done.

Ken Koh

Well done Katherine. We need more stories like this, a very good use of filmmaking indeed.

Katherine Hill

Thank you. Telling important stories like this that portray reality and can enlighten us to what is going on, is very important to me.

Amit Kumar Vashisth

Nudges "you" .. Good one :) .. Best Wishes for "COERCED"

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