Introduce Yourself : Screenwriter Stranded in the Midwest by JC Young

JC Young

Screenwriter Stranded in the Midwest

Howdy gang! I've been struggling for nearly a decade to get anything I've written produced. I've been fortunate enough to have had 4 options over that time period but not fortunate enough that they actually got shot. Being in the Cincinnati area and having been born, raised and residing in Kentucky may be handicapping me, but I love it here and there are growing markets here and especially down in Nashville. Still, I'm more than happy to hop on a plane for a gig. I've posted my scripts and I love feedback, bad or good. And like all good media whores, I need someone to pimp me. I really need an agent or manager who will give me more than a passing glance. Producers obviously dig my work if I can get them to commit to paid options. One of my scripts, Scarlet Seas, was on Talentville's Top 10 for a month - so I feel like I'm doing something right. If you are an agent or manager or you've just given one a lift before, tell them about me! I'm also happy to help folks make connections, here or on LinkedIn or Facebook, and if you're a writer I can give feedback as well. Otherwise, I can tell you that I'm a dad of 3, college graduate, mid-aged, 2nd time married, cat-lover, enjoyer of fine dining while still being a hardcore wrestling fan and movie geek.

CJ Walley

Have you tried the BlackList at all JC? Oh and kudos to the MFP Pursuit Special in your avatar.

Ed Penney

Hi JC......I live in the UK. I am a screenwriter having written ten feature-length screenplays in the last 4 years, one of which has been optioned. I have also written several short screenplays, a few of which have been filmed....see I also write for the stage. Might you be interested in corresponding and giving me feedback on scripts? i will reciprocate! Cheers, Ed [email;]

Daniel A. LaPlaca

Hi JC! I am just starting out as a writer after practicing law for 30 years. May I ask who optioned your stories? Were the offers generated from exposure on this website? Do you have any connections with WWE Studios?

JC Young

My only connection with the WWE was attaching former creative writer Dan Madigan to direct one of my scripts, Cementville. Sadly, that project shutdown after the company that slated it folded up.

Michael Curtis

This may not be what you're looking for, but Filmstigator does read scripts for producing independently. We're primarily looking for short film scripts, but features are in our future plans. Check out the site and send over anything if you think it matches with the kinds of things we're looking for (spelled out on the FAQs page). Kentucky isn't terribly far from Atlanta either, and film production here has really been picking up over the last few years. Hang in there & best of luck!

JC Young

Hey, every little bit helps! Thank you!

James Coleman

Hi JC. I'm James. I read your ad and had to respond. My story is a little different. In my 20's, in the 80's, I was in L.A. and writing, then I took off to raise a family. Now after 2 kids, and a broken ankle that sidelined me for six months, I'm enjoying a new resurgence as a writer. I'm still a first time married, have two cats and a dog, a movie and T.V. geek and I know what it's like to connect with others. So Hi! And if you're serious about exchanging feedback, so am I. Nice to meet you.

Ivan Petric

Hi JC. I'm John. I too read your post, and like everyone else, trying to make the uphill climb. Stay in touch, maybe we can exchange ideas, etc. Take care.

Tony Folden

Hey JC, I'm about to graduate with my BA in Creative Writing for Entertainment from Full Sail University. I grew up near Columbus, Ohio. It'll be tough to sell anything living that far from NY or LA. Have you been to any seminars or pitch meetings?

JC Young

Actually I used to be quite active going to regional film fests and screenwriter events. A good deal of my contacts came from those as well a couple of my options.

Daniel A. LaPlaca

May I ask what producers have paid you for options? I have no idea!

Kris Kemp My advice would be to put together a 45 second - 90 second trailer for your movie and have it done well, where the viewer wants to know what's going to happen next. Then, post it on YouTube and vimeo. Use the sites above to market it yourself. I'm an actor and screenwriter living in Brooklyn, NY and there's a lot of people in the TV & film industry here, so it's easy to network, which helps. Just use the sites above and try to do it yourself.

JC Young

What movie?

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