Introduce Yourself : South African Female Composer will take home an oscar one day! by Maike Watson

Maike Watson

South African Female Composer will take home an oscar one day!

Hi everyone, my name is Maike (pronounced like 'Michael, without the 'L'.). I have been writing music since I was a young girl, and never thought I could ever make a career of it. One day, however, after 3 tertiary degrees and still not knowing what I wanted from my life, I had this moment of faith in myself. I noticed that I was continually being surprised and disappointed at some of the seriously bad, yet well-known music out there, and so I figured that I can definitely do better. So without over-thinking it and rationalizing the idea away, I started a business writing music for anything I could get my fingers on. I've worked on some really bad films. Like, so bad. So bad I am embarrassed to show those films next to my name. But I've met some amazing, passionate people along the way, and my hope is that I grow in skill in my art, I will find like minded people, with different skillsets that I can work with. And that is why I a here - I may not live in the same country as you, but together we can definitely tell gripping stories, create fun material for stressed out people to watch so that they can catch a break, and bring new meaning to what the film industry represents. Stay passionate everyone. Maike

Samuel Estes

Hi Maike, Welcome to Stage32 and the composing community! Look forward to your input and music! Best, Sam

Liz Warner


Maike Watson

Thanks for the vote of confidence and welcoming :)

Shawn Speake

Welcome, Maike!

Maike Watson

Thank you, Brandi! I will most definitely check it out.

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