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Maritere Ysern

Writer (of contracts and screenplays)


I am a screenwriter turned attorney from Puerto Rico and new to Stage32 (lured in by the webinars). I saw a couple of posts with questions regarding copyrights and thought I’d share an article I wrote last year on legal tips for screenwriters:

Hope everyone is well and safe!

Legal Tips for Screenwriters
Legal Tips for Screenwriters
Do your research. Every screenwriter should know the basic concepts of intellectual property and copyrights. Search the Internet to learn the basics of what copyright protection is and what to expect.…
Karen "Kay" Ross

Hey, Maritere Ysern! Nice to meet you! Oh, man, are YOU going to be popular on here LOL! Thanks for the article! I was looking over your profile, but you don't have much there. Tell me about yourself!

Oh, dude, I totally feel ya - those webinars are so good! If you're writing anything TV-related, I highly recommend Anna Henry's webinar on creating a TV Pitch Deck: Although there is another new one by Ewan Duncan that I can't wait to take and compare notes:

You should definitely check out the Screenwriting Lounge to see the great conversations going on there - it's a super-supportive community, too, if you need encouragement with your own writing!

Enjoy exploring, and don't forget to comment and respond to others’ posts, too!

Maritere Ysern

Thank you! I am new here so I appreciate all your tips.

Stefano Pavone

Thank you, and welcome to the club. :)

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