On Writing : Blacklist/SpecScout/InkTip/etc for Stage Plays? by F. Aaron Franklin

F. Aaron Franklin

Blacklist/SpecScout/InkTip/etc for Stage Plays?

Is there such an animal? A hosting site for stage plays for either professional or peer review? I tried googling but came up empty. Sounds like a personal problem, amiright? Serious question though.

Shari D. Frost

Great question. I haven't come across one. But my gut reaction is that play development is inherently different from screenplay development. First, I don't think theater companies search for material/writers in the same way production companies/studios do. The theaters who are searching for content do so through their own festivals, competitions and in-house development programs. I also think (and yes, I'm generalizing here) that playwrights work a bit more collaboratively and have greater access to feedback from writing groups and readings that involve actors and directors. Screenwriters frequently write more independently and then seek out objective feedback and ways to sell their product. Community theater can be a great way to meet actors and directors who might be interested in working with you. Community theater budgets are generally very low, since most participants are volunteers. Therefore new plays are low risk. And when plays are cast and staffed locally, audiences are easily generated through friends and family of the playwright, director, actors, lighting designer, stage manager, etc. Which means the theater company makes money and the playwright gets to develop a play.

F. Aaron Franklin

I was thinking along those lines in terms of putting to production. When you sell a screenplay, it's produced, made, distributed, done. A stage play can go on multiple venues. It's not sold and then out of the writer's hands. I guess I'm thinking more in terms of sharing and reviews from others.

Shari D. Frost

Have you done a shout-out in your area for fellow stage 32'ers? If not, and you need someone to read something, I'm happy to help.

F. Aaron Franklin

I know where to look in terms of queries. What I'm referring to are hosting sites where you can post the script for feedback, suggestions, reviews, etc. Appreciate the tips though :)

Tony Picciotti

I have used Ink Tip, found great stori, and in the genre, cost, to be ralistic, had great succes,

Rachel Cann

Dear Tony: In addition to my "other" life I used to be an English teacher so feel free to let me correct your spelling. lol

Richard Toscan

Try going to HowlRound (http://howlround.com/) assuming you're looking for something US-oriented. If anyone knows of such a site, they would or might even be hosting such a thing.

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