On Writing : Writing a fictional technical manual by George Pierson

Writing a fictional technical manual

I want to ask you guys something. Has anybody in here ever written a technical manual like they have in Star Wars, Star Trek, and et cetera? Since I decided to put off writing a novel because of the recent shootings, i was thinking that there is no reason why I can't make a technical manual featuring the submarine that would have been in my story. Can anybody provide any info on doing this?

David Taylor

Cut and paste photo's or tech paragraphs (with the related references) you find related into a doc. As you go, just write your notes with them or sketches. Pretty soon you will have quite a few pages. Then you can cut and paste those into categories and add logical headers and more of your notes. You will find it will build itself as you add.

George Pierson

David, would I not have to get written permission for the photos and such?

David Taylor

If you intend publishing - yes. If it is your 'Treatment' for reference & development purposes then no.

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