On Writing : You got the idea and the concept... but the play itself is fighting you.... what do you do? by Gavion E. Chandler

Gavion E. Chandler

You got the idea and the concept... but the play itself is fighting you.... what do you do?

I have play concept in mind, the thought of the play struck from an image and the concept or the question that I want to raise to mind in the play. The idea is there, but I have thirty some pages written and it is fighting me. So do I step back from it or start from scratch or just press on? Your thoughts? Gavion E. Chandler~ 'Man is his own devil.'

Kimberly Perdue-Sims

Hello Gavion. I'm in the same boat as you. I'm developing a play from a short story from my second book. One of the characters who was not in the short story now wants to takeover the play. I wouldn't start from scratch if I were you, but step back. Put your pages away for perhaps a week. More if you can ;) and then come back to it with fresh eyes and see what is fighting you. Good luck! :)

Ben Webber

What do you mean by 'fighting'?

Gregory Kauffman

First, I would look to see if the main characters really wants something. If that is there, that desire should really help to drive the story.

Anna Tan

I'd say talk it out with someone you trust. See what questions they raise. Maybe there's something a little "off" with what you have which is blocking the rest from coming.

Gavion E. Chandler

@ Ben I have the concept an the idea behind it. The play is a philosophical that explores Man as he comes to rise from a man to be a nation of men and those ideals, hopes and fears but in the end of every civilization Monuments and ruins stand in silence castings shadows of memories and mysteries. It is an abstract piece and I know what I am trying to get at, just don't know how get it there. I have 50 some pages now and slowly knitting it together and I am trying to figure out how to come to a close or an end.

Gavion E. Chandler

thank you ladies and gents for your input.

Louisiana Dalton

Playwrights Project here in San Diego has a wonderful concept called First Tuesday. The playwright submits ten minutes of a script being worked on, the project schedules it to be stage read. You can bring your own actors or select from those present. Then you have 10 minutes of feed back at the level you request. You submit two questions you would like the audience to answer. (I pick the toughest level because I want to know what they really think.) It's a great way to get feedback from knowledgeable people in the business. You might consider having a reading for some friends.

Gavion E. Chandler

That sounds really cool and love the idea of it! Thank you Dalton.

Dan C. Corley

Gavion. That happened to me one time and I just stepped away from it for almost a year, writing other projects to supply me with the basics of life. Came back to it and it was like starting over except I already had the idea written. Finished it and optioned it a week later.

Jerry DiCairano

It's very common for a writer to get stuck at some point in the process. As you are only 30 pages in, consider that you may need to develop your characters more in your pre-writing. Perhaps you don't know them well enough to write further. At times, this problem has caused me to get stuck. Good luck!

Gavion E. Chandler

Thanks a bunch for all the advice, I finished the first draft and the second editing and now I am on BRIDGES the third play in the series. I will let you folk know how that is turning out. Gavion E. Chandler~ 'Man is his own devil.'

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