Post-Production : Editing Softwares by Sarah Furie

Editing Softwares

Do you think it is better to know one editing program, like Avid, really well to the point where you know all shortcuts etc. or to learn many different softwares so you can take many different jobs? I know Avid and Final Cut really well but I keep seeing more job opportunities for Premiere. I would prefer to spend more time perfecting my skills rather than learning a new software. What do you guys think?

D Marcus

If you're seeing more job opportunities using Premiere then perhaps you are missing out on some jobs. I think learning new things is essential.

Sarah Furie

Thanks! Just checking to see what others have been doing.

Lindbergh E Hollingsworth

You can get a trial version of Premiere to download for a test drive. Not difficult to learn at all. Lots of tutorials at or YouTube.

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