Post-Production : Positivity and The Creatives by Candace R Rich

Candace R Rich

Positivity and The Creatives

Something that's been on my mind a lot lately: using positivity to promote creativity and higher standards of art (particularly with relation to film, but in general as well). If you care to, let me know what you think about this concept. It seems like everywhere you turn in the film industry there are those people who feel that yelling at you and/or berating you and others on your team will somehow make you work harder or better. But in reality it's kind of like the person stuck in bumper to bumper traffic who has decided that honking their horn will somehow make the traffic miraculously move forward for them. As if the other cars are. It at all important. All it does is make everyone else more agitated with the situation.

Sheila Wood VO

I couldn't agree more. I would rather aspire to someone's positive expectation than be motivated by fear or criticism.

Richard Gustason

Pretty good analogy there. And you make a great point. I think it has to do with ego and pressure. Some feel pressured so they think positive reinforcement may not be the only way to go. Some yell to make their point across so they feel good when they go to Starbucks and order that latte because their ego was made supreme. I do like your approach. I think more and more positive reinforcement is the best way to get things done and also makes a great product.

Shawn Speake

My experience in New Mexico, aka New Hollywood, has been the opposite. The Crews on LONGMIRE - and all of the other projects I've been on in NM - are incredibly nice. We're treated great :)

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