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Sony Vegas Users

This is a cinematography video I did a while back with a Sony camera and edited/Color graded with Sony Vegas Pro 13. No I'm not a Sony guy or anything like that, it's just that I felt that the entire world was just Canon and Nikon users, therefore I wanted to be "different" lol. So yeah, is there any other Sony Vegas users out there who could have some helpful advice on how to use hidden techniques or anything like that? Thank you.

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Enrique - maybe this will help? And you're right so much effort goes into Nikon and Canon, so it's great you're starting a Sony discussion.

Enrique Bartolo

Thanks for the link. Yes I believe Sony cameras and editing softwares are kinda under the radar so yeah thanks no problem.

Tony Fisher

This is great. I think Sony went abit like Nokia did, they just got swamped with all the other equipment out there.

Brian Graf

HI Enrique, I checked out your clip. It's pretty cool. I am curious of the theme? I guess I mean the message. It is great though. I used to be a Sony Movie Studio/Vegas 12 patron. I migrated to Adobe Premiere Pro CC because there are functions in it that Sony, at least the version I used, didn't offer. Would you do me a favor Enrique? could you take a few minutes and take a look at my editing reel? Here is the link. I post this one in Vimeo because I see that you are a vimeo guy. My above post is from youtube. Anyway here it is. Thank you a bunch Enrique.

Enrique Bartolo

Brian that was a nice editing video! Also my video doesn't really have a message because I wanted to experiment with the "in the moment" shots. Like I didn't want a beginning middle or end, I just went with a certain flow and got whatever angles popped in my head haha.

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