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Jason Bradford

Attaching Talent

I have a screenplay that I am going to self-produce and I am reaching out to some well-know B-List talent before seeking funding to help build value in the project. My quesion is: "What documentation, etc. do I need to have in place to have the talent attached to the film?"

Lazaro Nunez

Hey Jason! What you want to get is a Letter of interest/intent. It's usually abbreviated to LOI. I suggest you research that. Now that being stated, getting an actor, yes even B-list actors to even sign an LOI without any kind of offer(a promise to pay them) is extremely difficult. That's the catch 22 when raising financing. Investors want to see recognizable talent attached to the project but recognizable talent usually wants money promised up front before they even look at the script. Though there are examples of films that were financed without known talent. These films tend to be Action or Horror films because they can do well over seas. Still there have been films that have been financed off the script outside of the Horror and Action genres but remember, in this day and age competition is real stiff so the script would have to be cosmically phenomenal. If the script is amazing or you have a really talented and well known crew member attached, usually a Director they admire and respect, it's possible to sign some one who's talented and well known as well but be ready to be down right ignored by most of their agents if you're not lucky enough to get a polite refusal! As far as documentation I'd say it doesn't hurt at all to have your prospectus/pitch package done in case any one wants to see it. It would prove that you have a plan and an idea of what you're doing! Good luck man. I hope your film gets off the ground, distributed and is a huge sucsess!

Jason Bradford

Hey Lazaro, Thanks for the reply! Fortunately, it is a solid script and I have an in to a strong B-lister. This, of course, really guarantees nothing. I have some leads on funding but that will depend on the talent attaching to the project. I have a payment plan in place that will include the SAG minimum as well as a producer credit to share in the profits. I already have the biz plan together, character charts, synopsis, budget breakdown, all in place and an Associate Producer on board to launch a solid social media campaign. Now, I just need the stars to align and all the gods to smile and the wallets of the heavens to open up and dump the funding in a special bank account so I can get this thing in the theater!

Lazaro Nunez

Awesome man! Good luck!

Erik A. Jacobson

Start with a Business Plan, so they know who you are, your track record, etc.

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