Producing : Back in business. by Iain Lawrence

Iain Lawrence

Back in business.

Hello all, I'm Iain.

Having spent years working as a 1st AD, bringing other peoples' ideas to life, I'm starting a new phase of my career in films.

Being a 1st AD is great, I have had some incredible experiences (credits on profile), but sometimes, for me, it felt a bit like you're a hired gun. In, job done, out. Most recently I've been working as a Creative Director in advertising, pitching ideas, treatments, and developing scripts before heading into production, and I've loved being part of that process. To see a project from conception to completion is a real privilege and something I wish to continue. I work with production companies week in week out, but would like the opportunity to learn to/help produce something amazing from scratch.

I'd love to connect with scriptwriters, directors and producers.

I am also available to look through scripts and give detailed feedback, as my years as a Creative Director have been focused on script development and story concepts. I know how important a fresh set of eyes can be when getting a truly subjective view on your work (please note, I am not in a position to get any scripts in front of producers).

Let's get to work.

Kiril Maksimoski

Shame...all I need right now is producers eyes on my script...Nice meeting you, through...

Tully Archer

Ooooohhh, exciting! A new focus, how energizing!! Glad to meet you :-) Out of curiousity: What kind of project are you looking for? Do you have a genre in mind or a topic or...?

Iain Lawrence

Hi Tully Archer, nice to meet you. I would be most comfortable with work that is fundamentally drama and drama/comedy, despite having a few Sci Fi titles under my belt. As much as I enjoy the fantastical to watch, I don't believe that I could add as much to the proceedings as I can with straighter drama. Excellent question though.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Iain - you speak my language, sir! LOL! Being an AD is like being a hired gun, for sure! It's easy to feel a bit used if the camaraderie isn't there. I was being groomed to be a PM, but also wanted to flex my creative muscles. I'm now in LA doing voice work, writing, and looking to get my original stuff made!

Are you up for script exchanges? What kinds of genres do you prefer?

Tully Archer

Iain Lawrence That's some good reasoning there. Cool cool! Are you also looking to direct?

Iain Lawrence

Yes Tully Archer eventually I will. I've directed a few commercials, and if it's good enough for my old boss Ridley Scott, it's good enough for me : ) At the moment though I'm concentrating on helping get scripts up and running. In some respects I'm heavily experienced, but in others I'm a relative newcomer.

Iain Lawrence

Hi Karen "Kay" Ross very nice to meet you. I've been lucky with respects to my productions, although high-pressured, they've tended to be harmonious. It was my responsibility to maintain that. It was only since I worked as a Creative Director that I realised how great it is to be involved from day one, rather than just popping along mid-way and grabbing the glory.

I'm definitely up for script work. I've cut my teeth developing scripts for commercials, but I want to get more experience of full scripts. You've got to start somewhere, right?

Genre-wise, I think drama, action and thriller are my forte, simply because I'm naturally drawn to human nature. I like a superhero movie as much as the next person, but as mentioned above, I don't think I would be able to add to anything other than dialogue.

I'll drop you a line.

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