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Rosalind Winton

Editing (Literarily)

Hi Everyone I'm a literary editor and I'm writing a blog for Stage 32. I'd like to ask any publishers/producers etc. out there who take submissions from writers (of any genre). When you receive work, are you influenced by a badly edited piece either consciously or subconsciously, does it matter to you if it's badly presented, even though the content might be first class and does the fact that if a piece is presented badly, would it influence your decision to take it further. Do you take into consideration presentation, spelling, grammar, continuity, good story and character development etc. and do you take note if the writer has made special effort to present the work to the highest standard possible, or do you feel that as long as the story itself is really good, it doesn't matter and do you feel that if a piece is presented to the highest standard possible you are more likely to take it further, than if it wasn't? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

Doug Nelson

My simple answer to your question is yes. I limit my production to shorts and I only look at properly formatted (to general industry standards), well edited scripts having a compelling story. There may/may not be a good story in there somewhere but if it’s not presented in a reasonably proper (traditional) format – it goes nowhere with me. I don’t have the time or desire to train/argue with a writer.

Rosalind Winton

Hi Doug Thank you so much, that's a great help, I appreciate your reply, I would still love to hear from others.

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