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Alayna Whitlock

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Hi one and all. I have several story ideas that I would like to put before major producers, and need help/advice for contacting them.

Jacqueline Kelly

Major producers already have loads of their own ideas... so the way to get their attention is to have thoroughly researched, written and developed your ideas as much as possible. In other words, bring them a turn-key project that's ready to go. They get amazing screenplays, treatments, show bibles and the like all the time. If you just have an idea, a thought... they may say that it sounds interesting, then they'll tell you to go write it and maybe the will look at it, assuming they don't already have something "just like it".

Lauren McEntyre

That was me this past January! Make sure that what you're presenting the producer is in their market sector .... that is to say ... Don't send a producer that makes micro budget romantic comedies a thriller screenplay that will cost about 3.5 mil. I did, it doesn't go over well. Remember, for a producer it's all about distribution. They need to be able to ascertain the funds for the budget and then recoup them -with surplus- after the film is released. Most of the producers I've bumped into only shoot a film they know they can comfortably sell for a certain amount. So do some research on the producer before submitting any kind of content. Check out IMDB and LinkedIn to see what they've worked on, and who they've worked with. You want to make sure your content is something they're already comfortable with selling. Also ask about the producer on Stage32 or check out different forums through Google to see what experiences others have had with the producer in question. That will help you avoid any pitfalls.

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