Producing : I'm developing a couple documentaries and feel lost by John Fallon

John Fallon

I'm developing a couple documentaries and feel lost

When I started pulling these ideas together (one already has a short teaser) I felt really sure and confident, but the deeper I go the more lost I feel. At this point I'm not sure if I just need more information about how to forge ahead or do I need to find an experienced producer ?

Regina Lee
Regina Lee

Based on your characterization, I fear that an experienced producer may not partner up just yet. They may feel it premature.

James Kicklighter

I started out in documentaries and the biggest mistakes that I ever made were always because I didn't outline. You have to have a general idea about what you're intending to make. Now, if that film becomes something different, follow that thread. But planning is key -- what sorts of experts do you need? What makes a compelling subject? How much access will you need? Answer these sorts of questions and you'll find yourself in a better place for planning. Good luck!

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