Producing : I've heard about Executive Producers…. by Stephen Foster

Stephen Foster

I've heard about Executive Producers….

My current project "That's Opportunity Knocking" has done GREAT at film festivals: winning awards, critical praise, audience approval…and everyone is asking "What, next?!" and we have tons of scripts, but don't want to "produce" again without a "true budget". Someone at a film festival suggested an Executive Producer someone who could find the financing and do the budgeting. thoughts?

Dan MaxXx

That is the dream-- find a "whale" and not worry about $$$$. An "EP" is anyone willing to give you money/sponsor your movies. Usually he/she/they want money back, plus profit . How are you gonna pay back the "loan?"

D Marcus

Excellent advice from that "someone". Did they offer suggestions on how to find someone to fill that role?

Leo Sopicki

Dentists have a lot of money. That's how the Coen brothers started.

D Marcus

There are a couple of stories from the early 1980's about filmmaker finding funding from dentists. That's 30 years ago. Do you have any more recent examples? Are rich dentists still a viable funding method? Do dentists often fund films in the 2010's?

Dan MaxXx

D Marcus

A Dentist funded my feature movie in 2001- 2.

Dentists make insane salary.

D Marcus

Interesting. The national average for dentists in the U.S is $145,000. Double that for a specialist. Do a lot of dentists fund films? What is the budget range they typically fund? Based on the average I can't imagine they fund movies in the $500,000 range.

Dan, was your investor a personal friend or just attracted to the investment opportunity? Did he make a profit on the investment? Is you advice that we should be looking for to dentists for funding? We're still talking 15 years ago.

Larry DeGala

maybe if the dentist specializes in jewelry/gold

Dan MaxXx

D Marcus

The Dentist is a friend of a friend. He is simply a person who loves movies and want to be a part. yes, he made money.

My advice- ask anyone. Dentists, doctors, athletes, Parents, internet millionaires-- whoever is in your contact list. Just make sure you know how to pay back the money.

D Marcus

Can't argue with that advice. But just saying "ask dentists" seems to be leaving out a LOT of information.

Glad your film earned a profit, Dan. What is it? Can we see it somewhere?

Courtney Navarro

Hello Stephen, just wanted to check in and see how your search for an EP has been going? Best! Courtney

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