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Producing : Letter of Intent - Need an Example by Jacob Cooney

Jacob Cooney

Letter of Intent - Need an Example

Hi Producers, Wondering if any of you might have an example LOI outlining intent from a production company looking to produce and fund a project. Just looking for a boilerplate that I can use to build off of. Please message me here, or email me at jacob@jacobcooney.com Thanks Jacob Cooney

Shaun O'Banion

Hi, Jacob - Not sure if anyone has emailed you, but there isn't (to my knowledge) any specific wording to an LOI as it isn't a binding agreement and, generally, is subject to a variety of further stipulations - namely, availability (of funds if related to an investor, or, maybe, schedule if related to talent). In that case, it could simply read something like this: For good and valuable consideration: By signing this document, _____________________ certifies that he or she is a duly authorized representative of (Production Company) (hereafter, "Financier") and hereby acknowledges and agrees that, subject to the terms of a long-form agreement, and pending the availability of funding at the time the Picture currently entitled ______________________ (hereafter, "Picture") is greenlit, Financier shall agree to provide (full or partial) funding to __________________ (hereafter, "Producer") for the commencement of Pre-Production and/or Principal Photography on the Picture. The "subject to the terms of a long-form agreement" is what gives them an out if, for example, terms are deemed unacceptable (for instance - maybe they want cast approval, or the ROI setup is less than desirable), but it states that if everything lines up properly, you get to make your movie. Hope that helps!

Viquii Johannesson (Vicki Johnson)

LOI from a production company? Why not try finding a signatory, that is an A-List or B-List Celebrity to sign on to the project as a partner.. that's your best option in my opinion.. good luck!

Jacob Cooney

Thanks for this Shaun.

Ken Koh

You'll need a movie plan, PPM. It' very detail and project specific if you're using it to fundraise. It's also costly. Can u give more information as to the budget you're trying to raise, , what type of movie and which state are you incorporating in?

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