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Producing : Looking for micro-budget investment advice for indie film team doing first feature. by Matthew Campbell

Matthew Campbell

Looking for micro-budget investment advice for indie film team doing first feature.

Hey folks!

I'm looking for some advice on getting funding for our micro-budget feature. We have an experienced crew, I (director/producer) have some clout to my name, and we have an amazing script. What we need is some investment money, and while there are some film grants up here in Canada, I was curious what advice everyone else might have on finding some funding (up to $500k CDN maximum). I've spent a lot of time looking for a script like this, and oh damn does it have a lot of potential. I have snapped up the option rights.

In terms of finding money I am going to:

- build a pitch package for "playful" investors with disposable income (lawyers, doctors, dentists) at $1k to $50k)

- join some angel investor groups and appeal to potential investors based off our pitch packages and abilities

- apply for some Canadian film grants if necessary

- build a proper pitch package to be used online for sites and boards like this. (WOULD LOVE TO SEE SOME SAMPLES IF ANYONE HAS ONE)

Anyways, this is just a start, but I would love any feedback, advice, or ideas from you folks who do this for a living! Also, feel free to check out my reel at www.matthewdirects.com

Thanks for your time and advice!

A Friendly Canadian,

- Matt

Joe Nicolosi

How much are you looking for? We may be able to get you unsecured credit lines

Matthew Campbell

We are looking for approx $350k at max. I wanted $500k, but it's pretty close at that point to having to be signatory for actors/stunts and we could end up having to spend way more than needed.

We are preparing a couple budget options this week for potential investors. Would love to hear more if possible!

Joe Nicolosi

Email me... AZbizfunding@gmail.com and I'll give you the rundown

Ken Koh

$350K still serious money. Forget the pitch. I recommend using $1k to do a proof of concept and shoot a 1 min kickass scene from your great script that shows you can deliver. No one is going to give you big cash unless they can see what you can do especially with very little. In truth, your funding will come from a few different sources like family, friends, crowd funding and few small grants. Yes, lots of work. But very doable. Get a producer who knows tax credits and EIS and you're on your way.

Matthew Campbell

Thanks Ken, we've been brewing over doing a small concept piece to help us get some interest. We are building an investment package that we can give to family, friends, angel investors, and producers who might be interested in working with us. I have a very strong demo reel which has shown people that I have an idea of what I'm doing, but I think a small scene from this would be very beneficial. My two producing partners are very good with tax credits, Canadian grants, etc.

Ken Koh

Sounds like you're good to go. A thing I do is give away Exec. Producer credits for investment. I had 15 exec. producers on one small project, who cares! Sell 700 titles for $500 each and there's your budget, so what if your rolling credits goes on forever. You'd be the first to try. (i'm kidding but also not.)

Ken Koh

All investments carries risk. Investing in movies is the riskiest, anyone with with any business sense would know that or least find out very easily. Not a good investment statistically if you want to see returns. Most non film people invest in movies for the 'glamor' of being part of it, because it usually makes no financial sense.

Doug Nelson

There is Return Of Capital and then there is Return ON Capital which is essentially thought of as Y(e). Every investor wants his capital returned with the only risk (R) being the return ON capital. I'm unaware of of any investors willing to accept 'glamour' rather than cold hard cash - or at least a solid tax write off.

Ken Koh

I did it. Many times. We are talking about micro budget 50-350k, not your capital investors. Low budget micro budget filmmaking where you raise 'small', repeat 'small' cash ($25-1k) from regular folks and business to shoot your indie film. Think Robert Rodrigues $7k El Mariachi low budget film which launched his career. Think Spike Lee's first film 'She's Gotta Have It' non union, non bonded, non insured low budget indie film. Think Shane Carruth's 'Primer' for $7k from friends and family. Try to follow.

Chris Brann

I have to agree with Ken. I produced a short for £900. Everybody basically chipped in for a credit in my film, no returns. Basically just wanted the 'glamor' of being involved in a movie. Never went anywhere or made money but no complaints yet. Smallest investment was £5, even £1.

Jake Pasley

Doug. If you want a return on capital don't invest in movies everybody knows that. Your bank will advice against it because statistically it doesn't make money unless you're the big boys. We're talking here about indie, low, low budget filmmaking. You want a return, buy bitcoin.

Ken Koh

Don't know what world some are living in, but this is how independent films are being made everyday single day as we speak.

Matthew Campbell

So much great advice in here. You are all fantastic!

We are moving forward with our feature The Wounded, which is in the middle of securing $1.1M USD between 2 industry distributors. Keeping my fingers crossed, it's not a lot but I think it's enough to get 'er done. Having distribution already on-board is a godsend!

The hardest part is getting cast that have enough of a name to sell the movie to come out for a day or two in a guest role, which the distributor needs to approve.

Ryan McCoy

Matthew, who are the distributors you’re talking with? I’m available to chat sometime if you’d like. All the best!

Matthew Campbell

Hey Ryan, I've sent you a friend request. I don't want to say the names until we finalize our deals with them, but they are of a decent size and have some funding available. Let's chat!

Ryan McCoy

Matthew, shoot me an email at: rynoryder@hotmail.com and we can setup a call/Skype chat. All I want to do is hopefully give some value to you and help you succeed.

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