Producing : Need help with getting my film out there by Jarrett Torgerson

Jarrett Torgerson

Need help with getting my film out there

Hello, my name is Jarrett Torgerson, and I am having troubles with getting my film out into the media. I've posted stuff about it, told my friends to spread the word, etc. I wanna be able to get it out there to people that would be interested in watching it, and to help with getting funds on my project. I would love any tips that I could get from any of you guys that could help.

Erica Benedikty

Have you tried to hold a local screening of your film? Maybe tie it in with a charitable cause, that could draw the media to you.

JD Hartman

Film festival??

Shaun O'Banion

Use Film Freeway or Without A Box and submit to festivals both in the U.S. and abroad. I'm guessing you're a new filmmaker or you most likely wouldn't be asking this. If you don't have any names in your film, the likelihood of getting any "marquee" festivals is slim, but you could get a few if your film is top notch. Make sure your materials are legit looking: One sheets, lobby cards, post cards (mailers). Also, know your audience. Who is this film for? Find your niche and go after them! Up your presence in the social media space. Create a Facebook page for your film. A Twitter handle. Enlist your friends and family to get the word out. Marketing is tough, and the truth is (I'm going to be very frank here), if this is your first film, it probably isn't great. It might be good, but great first films are in the one percentile. Doesn't matter. Get as many eyes on it as you're able and try to gauge and learn from the response. Don't get discouraged. Get back out there and keep going. Keep making.

Lina Jones

Hi Jarrett, What is your film about? I'm not as big time at the advise your getting but I do have a nice and following audience that listen to my show on a weekly basis. I have a show that airs on Blog Talk Radio called the #DiamondNetwork Show (Internet Radio). Every last Monday of the month show is dedicated to new talent (mainly #IndieFilmmakers) who's ego hasn't gotten that big I have worked with a few filmmakers from S32 and am still working with them helping them get free exposure for their short films by playing an audio of their movie and sending a link out to my audience while their film is playing so they can view or support the filmmaker. I am currently working with a filmmaker who has quite a few short films and is letting me help promote her as well as others. If this sounds like something you would be interested send me an email at and we'll go from there. Here is a link to my shows #Official website I can help you promote your film and its not going to cost you anything.

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