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Andy Bydalek

Producer Fee

Hi everyone, I am developing a non-fiction web series aimed at the LGBT market and have begun talking to prospective producers here in San Francisco. I am excited to collaborate with a talented producer and to bring this series to its full potential – it has the real possibility of transforming lives. Given that my role will include writer, director, on-camera host, what is a reasonable profit or funding percentage split with a full producer? Or is there another way this can or should be handled? The project is not yet funded and that would be part of the responsibility for the producer (but I'm sure I'd also working on that too). Thanks in advance for any insights or feedback you might share!

Shaun O'Banion

Will you be paying the producer during the course of the project? If not, a more substantial % would be appropriate. In general, on an indie scale, 4 or 5 points should be good. As for pay, figure somewhere around 2-5% of budget based on experience.

Andy Bydalek

Thanks Shaun, that's helpful to know!!

Geoff Harris

Alternatively, given your project is more a factual series, it might be worth thinking of it as a documentary and pay the producer a weekly rate as per a documentary.

Andy Bydalek

Yeah that's a good thought too. Thanks Geoff!

Andy Bydalek

Thanks Alle! Did you watch L-Word? I haven't seen it, but I'm wondering what you think helps a show to have impact/change lives?

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