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Ricky Tyree

Producing books?

Are there any new books on how to produce film? I'm really looking for a good book that breaks down the steps of preproduction from a producer's POV.

Shane Foster

Well honestly I wouldn't go by a book. If you really want to produce, you need to know the ins and outs of filmmaking or have a lot of money to burn on attempts. How you produce a film depends largely on the type of film, how hands on you are, how good your cast and crew are, who is directing, cinematographer, and production designer are. It's all a matter of finding a story and making that story into a movie... Ask yourself that question and you could write the book yourself as you research what you need.

Shaun O'Banion

Look at The Filmmakers Handbook by (I believe) IFP and Focal Press. Having said that, there's no better way to learn about producing than to start producing. Think small. Short films are a great place to start. Find or generate some material. Maybe... 3-5 pages. Figure out what you need to pull it off: Crew, Cast, Equipment, Locations, Food(!), etc. The essence of producing is in assembling elements. Good luck!

Ricky Tyree

Yeah, I've started producing a couple of shorts. Shooting a few more this summer. But I wanted to make sure I developed a solid preproduction plan that works for all levels of filmmaking. Because of this experience I'm gaining, I've started building a plan, but I want to make sure I'm dotting my i's and crossing my T's.

Shane Foster

A small production is the same as a big production, just more of everything to manage. More people, more money, more time, more locations, more contracts, more money, more agents to deal with, more actors, more money, more crew, more equipment, more money and more patience... Did I mention more money? ;)

Ricky Tyree

lol I get your point

Ken Koh

Work on as many film shoots as possible. be an intern for a producer, you'll learn much quicker.

Benjamin L. Harris

There's a fantastic book called "so you want to be a producer" - Lawrence Turman I think I purchased it from amazon but is well worth a read as it gives his personal view plus highs and lows of this ever evolving industry

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