Your Stage : The Human Wave (1/6) by Marinella Charlotte Van Ten Haarlen

Marinella Charlotte Van Ten Haarlen

The Human Wave (1/6)

I was silent the last 12 month, I was busy. We will load a film teaser for you (1.preview here made in Calais Best wishes for everyone The Human Wave (Documentation 2016/17 GB /GR/ZA/ GER) First Cut Part 1/6 (38 min) A Production by agatha film company ltd. A Marinella Charlotte van ten Haarlen Media & Motion Picture Company in cooperation with kasaan media publishers ltd., London , U.K., Cape Town Z.A. Over the past two years, we have been documenting in film the biggest human disaster since the end of World War II. The exodus of whole nations, on which social and political parasites also took advantage, doubtless. Tugs of the most elusive kind, who took over in the chaos in Greece and in the war to earn money for doubtful canals, like ISIL, etc. Tugs, economic debts, terrestrial groups of completely absurd clerical ideas were the mixture for the reality. It were no Muslims, but Islamists, we established whilst filming, who wanted the war for their own good. Muslims had little to do with the war. They had become a commodity for dictatorships, such as those of Mr. Erdogan, who was not clever enough to secure a coup, as an evil Footload driver to the solemnity. Erdogan and his servants were only able to interfere a while in their own kind of “Turkish delight”. Just in Aleppo, I stood behind in my own helplessness to the civil wars in these days. I only knew how to compose a Waltz, which had been published in June 2016. Thousands streamed “The Endless Syria Freedom Waltz". It did not change a thing. People died of poison gas, on barrel bombs, after all the sacred promises of the devastating wars of the 20th century. A modern apocalypse in dusty ruins. No, I could not. I did not want be silent, I did not want to say: I knew it, but did not mind. Every step for the inhabitants of Syria was important and right, no matter how helpless this one appeared at that moment. The situation in the camp "Jungle" in Calais / France scared us. An “inhabitant” informed us in mid-June 2015 that everything that happened in the camp would be a willing abuse of human rights. This was inconceivable, in accordance with the French constitution. Moreover, France has always been the land of human rights, at least in Europe. What we saw on the grounds in Calais made us stunned, speechless, tired of producing, because the human misery and misery of political deterrence were so prodigious. Also, what the locals thought about the refugees, in our interviews and in the streets of Calais and Paris. The Jungle was the political arithmetic of divided socialists in Paris, who opened doors and gates to fascism of the populists. Of course, the refugees kept trying to escape to England, and there were absurd moments that could not happen in a state like Europe. But it happened not once, not twice, every day. Meanwhile, the situation in Europe, especially in Germany, destabilized. Decades of hidden hatred spread, people turned openly to fascists. The dangerous thing was that it was not only spread by Nazis, of whom there were enough populists, but also by the left, which destabilized the middle, which had carried Germany since the war. Antifa and the Black Block allied themselves against the press, to hinder them in their work, with pyrotechnics and hatred against the democratic system. The social tensions throughout Europe broke out. Certainly, it were not the 3.000.000 refugees, Germany was used to this since a long time ago. But how to fight the populists? It seemed wanted in the Federal Republic of Germany by a man-contemptuous dictation of the so called Hartz 4 regime. Unemployment allowance for abusive modern slavery. People got sick and some died of the treatment, including dirty “Spitzels”, like Stasi or even worse in history. The perversion of democracy. There was a state in the state, which had nothing to do with a real state, but rather with the salvages of Erdogan. The henchmen of the Hartz 4 dictatorship did not differ from the salvages of Erdoganism. Pure fascism against any form of sacrifice. Germany broke down on the so proudly proclaimed Agenda 2010. In the end, Hartz 4 opened the new Nazis gates and doors. Maybe it was wanted. Seeked and desired. People were so helpless in the daily arbitration of human rights, that they were looking for a new leader, because they were too exhausted to fight for themselves. They were used to antidemocratic life by being frustrated throughout their life. Now the populists came to this people and their inhuman (just economic) doctrine found rich grounds with the so called " Abgehängten" Because I took the article 20, paragraph 4, of the holy constitution for the Federal Republic of Germany literally, I decided to accept the greatest disgrace of Germany as a reason for the actual disaster. "If no other remedy is possible, you should resist" Yes, I wanted to do this with this film, before fascism again produced millions of victims. The cruel apparatus of the Hartz 4 regime costed enough people their lifes. As early as 2011, at the beginning of the civil war in Syria, I wrote the novel Syria Ares, who reported about the breed of monsters in the chain of wars, of lost generations in the trenches. Whole battalions of torture slaves, of murderers, went on. The worst servant, a “Blooddog”, was the founder of IS, Baghdadi; I warned of him in 2013 in the novel “Gröpelingen Depot”. The best thing that could happen to the mass-murderer Baghdadi, was that the fate of Europe itself, was settled by political failures and misjudgments. The fear of the fear is his best argument, until now. What do you think of little Greece? In the Hellenic Republic a drama takes place on two fronts. Greece is the economic dwarf on which the banking world, which nourishes politics through lobbyists, drifts. We asked ourselves, how one can treat a country like this, the politics against Greece are the same like German Hartz 4 slavery. At some point corruption on the one hand, the cronyism of the 1990s, and poverty on the other hand were difficult to bear. Even for us. We do respect deeply the Greek people. In midst between the refugees, paying forever and after. Greece is famished, because Greece does not work according to the EU model. No, Greeks are Greeks, they can only be the Muse of Europe. But a Muse is important to Europe. This must be clear to any state, that Greece cannot produce high technology. And can adjust itself only in decades. But the Greeks are there, courageous, brave and ruined. A generation of traumatized people who take their destiny in their hands every day, daring social grants or receive medication, children, who begged us for a little money in Athens. Refugees were staggering through the streets of Alexandropoulis in direction of the bus station heading for Athens. None of us can say who was or will be a refugee. Europe is now held only by the cement of its ideas; the valuable foundation has been washed away by radicals, who, on the other hand, have ashamed generations, who were terrified in the trenches of Verdun and Flanders and the following wars. Then came the New Year's Eve in Cologne and Hamburg, where parasites of misery took over. This time passed to German women, because their cultural imagination did not extend beyond the edge of the knowledge brought with them from the Maghreb states. When I was producing in Malmo, Sweden, I became aware of the dimensions of disaster. Sweden's once most open city, which had become a core in which the citizens themselves feared each other. Before the strangers, before the Nazis, before the commoners, before the left. The hatred was far-reaching. I hate mutual hatred. End of Part 1

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