Anything Goes : Filming location help! by Sarah Hamilton

Sarah Hamilton

Filming location help!

I am working on a short film and there was a scene for in a store. There is only a few people who will be there, and I'm only bringing a camera. I'm a student! Should I ask the store manager for permission or just go film?

Mike Stivala

Sarah - you should definitely ask for permission. you'd be surprised when approached in a professional way how many business owners will cooperate with you. Try telling him you'll shoot the outside of the store - which will give them publicity. Also, you'd have to schedule the shoot around his schedule and shoot when the place is not crowded. Ensure the owner you won't interfere with his business. However - if you're talking about a huge, national chain type store (like Sears or whatever)- forget it. You'll never get permission. Try dealing with a locally owned store. Not sure where you are -but here's a totally off the wall suggestion - can the scene be shot at an outdoor flea market? These places are loaded with character and the mere act of moving the shoot outside will add production value.

Sarah Hamilton

thank you! It's too cold outside for anything outdoors but I will definitely check around with stores. thank you for your help!

Chris Hackett

Big box stores won't let you easily. Small stores it's usually whoever is behind the counter decides what goes on.

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