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Movie Theater on 'Interstellar' Sound Complaints: Take It Up With Christopher Nolan

A good filmmaker will know that his movie is 50% picture & 50% sound. I have spent my 30+ years in motion picture sound, creating excellent sound for feature films. I am proud of my critical listening. I didn't understand about 70% of the dialogue in "INTERSTELLAR". It was so frustrating. It's a Christopher Nolan signature. All of his movies are undecipherable. Richard King is a brilliant Supervisor. Gregg Landaker and Gary Rizzo are terrific Re-Recording Mixers. I'll bet if they did the mix themselves, it would be amazing… It's ultimately up to the Director and Producer.

Christina Horgan

It just proves how crucial sound is for your movie… big and small. No one says a peep when it's great sound, the kudos' are dispersed to the picture side and acting, even if picture & acting are just so-so… and we know by this, we've done our job well and we soundies pat each other on the backs for a job well done. But there is no 'so-so' in the world of sound in picture, if the sound is being noticed as even just 'so-so', take cover, everyone will be angry at the sound people. Especially other sound people! In this case, Nolan is indeed the culprit for his movie's hot mix here.

Gordon Rayfield

If I wrote dialogue like that I wouldn't want anyone to hear it either.

Julia Jones

I thought I was losing my hearing, then realized the so-called music was drowning out the dialogue. Worst sound mixing I've ever heard. Then I thought the theater was only using one speaker and blamed Showcase. Not so. Then I decided I could watch it someday on Netflix with subtitles. LOL. Glad to know it wasn't just me. I loved the movie but the sound was criminal!

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