Anything Goes : What role does a floor manager have in a tv production by John McHale

What role does a floor manager have in a tv production

Anyone give good advice about a floor managers role?

David Landau

The floor manager is sort of the Live TV's assistant director. They cue the talent, point to which camera they should look in case they're looking the wrong way, give the host count downs to the breaks or end of show, let them know how much time is left, lets them know if there’s a question coming in over the phone lines, etc. I have even been on a shoot where one guest’s mic crapped out and once the TD switched to a different shot the Floor Manager ran in and switched the guests mic. A floor manager has to be a good people person - lively, happy, energetic, able to get people relaxed and energized at the same time. They interact with the host and the guests before the taping begins and lets them know the order of things and how long everything will take. The director is in the control room and communicates to the talent through the Floor Manager. Its an important role.

John McHale

Thanks David comprehensive answer

Mike Walker

On top of all that the floor manager is also responsible for safety on set

Amanda Toney

Hey John is a great resource for looking up all terms filmmaking

John McHale


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