Your Stage : Promoting Actor Fan Pages on FaceBook & etc. by Shannon Ratigan

Shannon Ratigan

Promoting Actor Fan Pages on FaceBook & etc.

More and more actors seem to be dropping their fan pages on FB, and was wondering if others are seeing the same pattern. Maybe it's lack of traffic/activity. People go there once to like it and never go back? Or is it that FB's had more makeovers than a bad movie script? My FB never really went anywhere over a 2 year period, and I did add new content once or twice a week. Worked pretty hard promoting it as well. Granted, I'm not the most fanable actor in the world, but still. Just getting to 200 was a beast. On the other hand, this site is growing fast, and lots more actors are getting on Twitter now. Maybe more fun, and easier to promote? Thoughts?

Debbie Jennings

I like Facebook. - actually its quite an addiction and I wish I didn't like it! I have an actor page there, I am also on Twitter, Linked in, IMDb, here on stage 32 and Model Mayhem. My full time job is in newspaper advertising sales, so I know that getting yourself out there as much as possible works. But you also have to be interesting and have things going on. You have to give people a reason to like you and want to follow you. I have only been acting for 2 years, but have a lot under my belt and have receive some nice paid work from people seeing me on these pages and social networks. It takes time and work to get done correctly but I have found it pays off! I also have a website I refer people too. Feel free to check out my website and my actor page and give me your feedback. Thanks and wishing you much success! www.Debbiejenningsbiz and (I started the fan page 3 months ago!)

Rachael Saltzman

A working actor can post projects to build a fanbase, and an actor who has a following can use it to keep in touch with them. There are just a million 'look at me' pages - you have to give someone a reason to want to follow the page.

Ritchie Johnston

I have used facebook to promote my project, linking the page with the twitter, it has done okay however I have had to invest some capitol to get my numbers up, the way I see it is that it's a numbers game and sometimes you have to put in a little to get something back and whilst it takes it time, I figures that gradually I'll hit the people I'm looking for! Anyway if you're interested here is a link to my page:

Sullivan Lord

If you can post some regulary news, Facebook can be an advantage to promote your work.

Tony Campagna

I have to say that reaching others here and on Twitter is a heck of a lot easier.

Sullivan Lord

But, you've already done that. So, maybe Stage 32 ? ;-)

Joseph Michael Somma

Congratulations! All the best!

Nataschia Wielink

I think you have to use all avenues-the more places people see your name the more connections you'll make-good luck!!

Ann Anderson

It is very time consuming to keep up with so many social media sites however it's very important. You have to be very strict with time management in order to keep up with them and not forget about any other responsibilities. I've heard if you use social management like Hootsuite your affinity score isn't as high because the posts aren't "real", their authomated. FB like pages & the guidelines always seem to be changing. For instance I went to send a msg to someone on my like page and for the first time I get this: "You are not friends with so-and-so, would you like to send her a message for $1.00?" Seriously.

Shannon Ratigan

Hey you guys, I just wanted to say thanks for all the interesting & fascinating points of view on this. Early on when FB started it was a very effective tool for me, especially for promoting gigs & music. Many of my friends had success promoting & even funding their indie films as well. (Kikstarter etc.) But for the actor side, as time has gone by, not so much anymore.

Rachael Saltzman

@Shannon, I find the problem now is just so much noise - I get a hundred new links clamoring for my money every few days. Unless there's something that hits me personally with a project, it's just easier to ignore, delete, remove. I suspect that most others have similar experiences.

Terry Lefebvre

As a facebook fanpage developer and designer, I have found that most are unaware of the newer cooler features now available. Facebook now has the same capabilities as a website, but with the important distiction of better interactivity and engagement. Most have website content and a link to their FB page but few have good FB content and good linkage to their alternative social media accounts and webpages. The best part is that a lot to the best apps are free and like wordpress there are no hosting or monthly fees. Tech skills are also minimal for setup other than content development. I think that the addictive nature of blogs, forums such as this and facebook will supercede webpages.

Shannon Ratigan

@Terry Hard to say about FaceBook anymore. Just a year ago all the brands & film promos were, "Like us on FB". Now it seems like they are all slingin' #hashtags & @Twitter handles in their ads.

Terry Lefebvre

Different strokes for different folks. Bottom line is imagine, create, share. There is a Social media platform for every one.

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