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Agents and managers

Like so many I am in the process of researching and contacting agents and managers. To make the process more efficient I have created a spreadsheet of all agents (WGA list) and a list of managers whose names have come to my attention. I have also color-coded it based on who was contacted, when, etc. Some agents I will not contact because there is no point in doing so - the top five agencies in the industry, well-known managers who do not need more clients, etc. But. . . as I do this names keep coming up in conversations with others and that tends to complicate things. So my question is: Any suggestions on how to make this ever-growing list shorter?

Yuri Fleed

usually post midnight

Niksa Maric

Well, I'm doing the exact same thing as you James, I'm still selecting and removing the names from this Gigantic list of agents, managers and production companies (58.000 give or take) Lisa is right, make sure they are looking for the specific genre you have, Action, Drama, Sci-Fi... A few months back, I found a website with the list of managers, agents and production companies who accepts scripts from unpublished and produced writers. That doesn't mean much, agents shuts down their businesses, go to work for somebody else..... I remove anyone who mentions "WE MIGHT HAVE SOMETHING SIMILAR AT THE MOMENT" or if some unclear terms and conditions are posted on their site. The best manager would be the person who recently quit working for big production company and started his own management. He or she would have time to read something from unproduced writer but it's hard to find such person. You might also try to contact some managers in the U.K or France, Germany, you might have better luck with them.

Jorge J Prieto

Thanks Lyse. I Your advice (I I hope make sense for James) but it sure makes a WHOLE lot of sense to me and I'll take it !!

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