Screenwriting : Celtx vs. Final Draft by Aaron M. Wilcox

Aaron M. Wilcox

Celtx vs. Final Draft

I'm thinking about advancing my screenwriting software from Celtx to Final Draft, but I'd like to know from other writers what the major differences are before I make this purchase. Is Final Draft worth buying and why or why not?

Jorge J Prieto

Aaron, Final Draft is the best and the most $$$, but if you have the funds go for it. I've been using Movie Magic for years and I'm use to it and love it. Good luck, brother.

Jean-Pierre Chapoteau

I've used Final Draft and Movie Magic and I like MM better. Your call.

Sydney Cuthbert

Fade In will cost you $50 and will input and output Final Draft files as well as several other formats. Since screenplays are pretty much submitted as PDF files now I doubt seriously anyone will really care if you didn't use FD if you write a compelling screenplay.

Nkanya Nkwai

Guys... imagine the grades you will all have if this were a test question. The guy asked what are the majore differences between FD Celtx. Let's start all over again.

Philip Onions

Lol! Can't stop laughing Nkanya! Sorry folks!

Nkanya Nkwai


Wynne Beuche

Nkanya ... Too true .. Love that comment .. Wx

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